Cost Share

We have cost share for cover crops!

The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition is excited to announce a new cost share opportunity available to Minnesota land owners.

Program Overview:

ADM has made sustainability and regenerative ag goals that will help support continuous improvement of the agriculture supply chain. ADM’s regenerative ag program offers financial and technical support for farmers that help enable them to adopt or continue regenerative agriculture practices. This will ultimately attach positive environmental impacts to agriculture ingredients created by ADM that helps tell the story of the good work farmers are doing to improve GHG emissions, water quality, and soil health. ADM has made a commitment to reduce its scope 3 emissions by 25% by 2035 and these programs will help support that. Finally, the ultimate goal is to create more value for the crops farmers are growing regeneratively by adding environmental characteristics to the practices that positively impact the environment. Programs like this are building the infrastructure to help develop those markets.

  • Farmer gets $10/acre to plant cover crops up to maximum/agreed upon acreage
  • Farmer gets access to MSHC Mentor network and consulting

Farmer Requirements:

  • Farmer must attend a Soil Health Event
  • Farmer must complete a wrap-up survey by December 20, 2024
  • Farmer must give permission to FSA to obtain FSA-578 and field maps
  • Provide production data


For questions or to sign up, please fill out the application below or contact Tim Radebach
from the Minnesota Soil Health Coalition at
You can sign up directly with FBN here:

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