MN Soil Health Coalition activities

The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition has been busy providing education, mentoring, networking, and logical information to farmers, the general public, and youth.  We are very grateful for our members and partners for participating and support in  accomplishing these objectives!  Because of your support and understanding of the importance of implementing soil health practices, we have been able to:

Reached over 400,000 farmers

Reached over 500 technical staff

Educated over 300 youth

Participated in 39 meetings providing educational information

Obtained grants for education and research

Promoted stories, success, and partner events in the state

Provided farmers a voice and representation

Created and provided the farmer mentor program



Social media

Partnering with local, state, and federal agencies, cooperatives, seed dealers, wildlife organizations, ag industry, watersheds, and ag groups


Soil health testing and correlation to agronomics, management, and economics

Farmer discussion meetings

Annual Soil Health School

Field days for learning

Educating youth

Meeting with lenders

Increase urban education

Increase partnerships

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