Preparing Gardens While the Weather is Frightful

We’re in the dead of winter, temperatures are cold, the wind blows, and that lovely white stuff is blanketing our landscape.  How is a gardener supposed to get their fix while improving conditions for the coming growing season?  Snow seeding!  You can snow seed different cover crops this winter so when temperatures start rising, you’ll be feeding your soil organisms, warming the soil, providing protection of your soil against the elements, and competing with those pesky weeds.  Garden soil can also be healthy by employing the 4 principles of soil health: keep the soil covered, increase diversity, reduce disturbance, and keep a living root.  Increasing your soil health in your gardens isn’t just benefiting our natural resources, it also benefits your crops as well as providing for pollinators!  Some species you can snow seed:

· Red clover

· White clover

· Cereal rye

· Mustards

· Canola

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