Soil Health Stories – July 2020

Things are different than they were a year ago.  Meetings and field events have been postponed and cancelled, our methods for sharing and learning have adapted.  This is applicable to all things in life; things change and we continue to evolve.  Without are ability to adapt, we would be constantly struggling and not using opportunities for growth and improvement. 

What has been going on while social distancing, staying at home, and limiting contact with others?  Soil health implementation!  The farmers haven’t stopped their commitment to implementing soil health practices, they are continuing to learn, adapt, and share.

· Matt and Bruce Tiffany from Redwood County shared their management strategies and outcomes

· Bill and Brian Pfarr talk about their cover crop test plots and how if effects their weed management

Find those and more videos here!

· Tom Fick talks with Dawn Madison about using soil health practices on the farm and creating a local soil health group

· Craig Mold talks about the changes in management in his 50 years of farming and how he’s transitioning with soil health

Find those and more Podcasts here!

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