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    Swift SWCD

    I work for Swift SWCD in west central MN. I was speaking with a farmer recently who is curious about planting cover crops. His neighbor has the cattle. The farmer grows corn and soybeans only and doesn’t have any experience with cover crops. He is concerned about residue management as he doesn’t have a planter suitable for planting green or through heavy residue. Are there any coalition members who would be willing to speak with this individual and help answer some of his more technical questions (what/when/how)?

    Ben Dwire

    This is Ben Dwire, I’m located not to far south of you. If he is still interested in trying cover crops, Id be happy to visit with you or him. I think he would be surprised at what his current planter can plant into. Often people think it takes a special machine, but usually its more of a mental thing than anything. The first time a person plants green or into heavy residue will really test your nerves, but it gets easier every time. Im certain any of the other mentors or board members would be happy to talk to him also. Let me know if you would like my contact info and we can talk in more detail.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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